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Jack and Stephanie Wolfe share their lives with you.

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Mentoring Women CD Set, by Stephanie Wolfe
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This resource provides you with everything you need to setup a monthly mentoring program for women in your church or organization!  Stephanie will take you from Listen and Learn to Do and Teach!

"No one is better qualified to help women reach their full potential than Stephanie Wolfe.  She has a wonderful heart for God, extraordinary leadership skills, and a deep desire to make an impact for the kingdom." --Dr. John C. Maxwell

Nothing excites me more than Jesus, and second to that is my marriage and family, but a close third is my love for health and nutrition God's Way!  Juice Plus is simply 7 fruits, 8 vegetables - all gluten free, grown organically and contain all of the naturally occurring phytonutrients from the WHOLE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES THEMSELVES! 

I believe that God placed everthing we need for strength, health and long life in the food He created for us to eat!!  Juice Plus has simply found a way to grow it, juice it, dry it, and produce a consumable form for every day consumption in the necessary variety!  I encourage you to investigate it for yourself and see that 25 medical and educational institutions have found to be true through their research of our products.

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Be sure to check out Stephanie's Blog and Contact Stephanie for more information.

Stephanie Wolfe has a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach to her Reality Coaching, Mentoring, Negotiation, Speaking, and Writing.  She also is one of the most experienced family coaches you will find, with mad-skills for walking people through Personality Assessment and Development, assisting families in conflict and individuals who need to understand others, or be understood by others!  We believe that you will find this extremely beneficial to your Individual, Marital, Family, Church, and Business Life.  Stephanie is dedicated to providing you with the tools that you need in order to build a healthy Body, Soul, and Spirit, while living in a world of "others".  Whether utilizing audio training, or real-time training, you will see why the tag line is "conferences and resources strong enough for a man, but made for a woman".

  • Consulting for Mentors, Pastors' Wives, and Women's Ministry Leaders
  • Speaking for Women's Workshops, Conferences, and Retreats
  • Training Resources such as Mentoring Women, Mentoring Young Women, and Parenting Curriculum
  • Personal Growth and Women's Leadership CDs, Downloadable MP3 lessons 
  • Books - Pastors' Wives and Teens
  • Reality Coaching - Individuals, Couples, Families, Offices
Reality Coaching Disclaimer: Stephanie is not a shy, quiet person, and does not pull punches, so wear protective gear and big-girl-panties if you are a sensitive person.   She will not waste valuable time or resources (either yours or hers).  She is motivated to help you to achieve the objectives you desire, so if you just want to “talk” about your problems, you need to find a good counselor who is paid to listen, but if you want real life change, then you came to the right place.
So whether you choose from her wide variety of resources and find everything you need to make it your very own, use it to lead an interactive small group of women or young women through a 6-week to 1-year journey towards inner beauty OR invite her personally to speak for your special event and benefit from her 25 years of experience speaking and writing, you will love how she partners humor with information and inspiration for a delightful experience in the Word of God.
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