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In Honor of Stephanie Wolfe by Chad Wolfe

Chad WolfeThere is a woman that I am proud to call Mom who has enormous strength. She has been through a lot in this life. She started with children very early on at 15, she was married, divorced, separated, remarried to the same man and has been for almost 40 years now. Wow that's a lot you might be saying but on top of all that she has had two different bouts with Cancer. She has been through ovarian cancer and breast cancer. She fought them both with the strength that I have seen her fight through everything else. She is a glowing example of how to persevere through the tough times. But on top of being strong there had to be the modern medicine that helped of course along with God's help, but it is because of fundraisers, donations, grants that come in to support non-profits that are doing research to advance medicine. That gives people the fighting chance to beat the odds. This is also why I am wanting to raise money.  I am putting up my own money as well. I am giving $1000 because this is something that I believe in and am passionate about. I could just pay the regular $225 to do a half Ironman, but I wanted to do something more, something that honors and benefits others. YOU  CAN HELP TOO!


I love you very much and so thankful that you had the strength, medicine and God's support to beat the cancer. You never let it take your joy and you never showed weakness or doubt.  You knew that you would come through it. With all of the strength I have seen in you over the years, I know that I will be able to complete this race.

I honor you!

Love Chad

Carrie is Thankful for Leading Ladies

Renewed and Set Free!

What a priceless gift the Leading Ladies conferences have been to my life. I was a newcomer in 2011 with the Beautiful You Conference and God spoke through the lessons, relationships, music and personal sharings in ways that released years and years of pain and allowed me to begin the road toward truly believing in my worth.  Each conference weekend since then has brought me renewal and strength, as I always go home with pages of notes to reflect on for months ahead and with new friendships and a renewed spirit in Christ. I am so thankful for Stephanie’s care and attention to every detail of the weekend to provide a clear message from God straight to the heart of women, regardless of age or life situation. I count the days to gather again!

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Annette Remembers

Praise GOD for that!  It was so great to hear your voice.  I was not sure how to reach you so I tried the internet and what a great website I found.  I was at church this morning when you called.  I am doing great. It is so great to hear from you because I was asked a couple of questions in an interview a couple of weeks ago:

  1. If you could be like anyone, famous or not who would it be and why?
  2. Who has impacted your life the most in your past?

My answer to both was Stephanie Wolfe, a pastor’s wife who loved me when I had nobody and believed in me when I did not believe in myself.  I would want to be like her because she is everything I would love to become one day.  She is beautiful, godly, successful, has a beautiful home and family.  That is the impact you made on my life even all these years later and I love you and thank you for all that you did for me. I am a long way from being close to who you are but I am working on it everyday.  I thought  it was amazing that was my answer to these questions and then you called me today.  God works in wonderful ways!

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My first time being involved with the 31 Women's event blew my mind!  Not only did I have a hugely successful showing, I met so many fun and wonderful people.  It did my heart so good to be involved with this event.  It renewed my faith in being an entrepreneur and people in general.  I had so many compliments from so many different people about my jewelry.  Even if they didn't purchase, they were so kind.

I really like the opportunity to meet and work with other women who not only share my faith in Christ but share my passion for owning their own business.  I am so very grateful God caused me to cross paths with Stephanie Wolfe.  She has been a real Barnabas to me!

Nancy Salokar
Take Heart Jewelry

31women was awesome!

The 31women event was awesome! I loved meeting all of the new women and supporting their businesses. The turn out was great and I made a lot of new contacts. I can't wait to come back next year! Stephanie is so kind to put together such a great event for everyone to really showcase their businesses. 

Amy Travis, Executive Team Leader

Origami Owl

Bianca Praises Stephanie's Book

Hi Stephanie

I have just got back from a 12 hour bus ride (Inverness-London) On this journey I got the chance to read your book Ahh the Ministry, I could not put it down. Even though it was written for pastor's wives I could very much relate and understand. Your honesty and openness was great, refreshing and very encouraging. There are a number of issues that the holy spirit has brought to my attention to work on that you covered in your book.

More importantly that I need to be overflowing with the word of God and constantly in his word which I have not been doing over the last month and I noticed the difference. Even to the point I was questioning my ability about working with woman and what I have to offer Thank God I read your book your mentoring inspiration is a great help. You book really highlighted that I need to be  spiritually healthy in order to operate effectively in God's Kingdom, helping and supporting others. My life is not my own and if I make a mistake it is only a learning curve :))

I know for sure that my calling is to work with women helping to understand and always remember their identity and worth through Christ. In order to do this I willing to learn all I can from you for my calling/ministry developing in the one on one mentor/guidance/support and eventually expanding... I think it it would be good if I could start keeping your facebook page updated  and go from there

I am really looking forward to the retreat next week and further discussing the book as I cannot write or express all my feelings I am more the one to talk about it. The earlisit I can leave work is 4.30pm which is in the perimeter area.



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If you can possibly go to Stephanie's conference, you really need to. She always makes the time fun and worth going. You'll definitely see her passionate heart for women through her inspired teaching. Love this lady!

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